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FLAS Eligible Indigenous Language Courses


Amazonian Quichua (Napo-Pastaza)


Wao Tededo

University of Pittsburgh       Pitt in Ecuador Program 

Spring Break (March 2-9, 2019)

BUSMKT 1511: Marketing 'Made in Ecuador' to the World

BIOSC 0825: Ecology of the Napo Valley (1 credit)

June Session (June 1-29, 2019)  6 credits

ANTH 1713: Health and Nutrition of the Kichwa People


ANTH 1548 Amazonian Arts: Making and Meaning

July Session (June 29-July-27, 2019)   6 credits


BIOSC 1220 Tropical Forest Ecology 

Tulane University

Brigham Young University

Academic Year Distance Quichua

Native Experts on Amazonian Culture and Environment. 


Key to our learning experience are the group of high quality native experts on the forest, story tellers and artists in residence at the field school throughout the summer.

Graduate Student Networking

Perhaps the best resource we have are our graduate students.  This is a chance to form lasting relationships with emerging leaders in the field of Amazonian Studies.

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