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Aroma of the Land: Carried by Breath and Wind

The late Alonso Andi from Pano described the importance of smelling like the land this way “From so much walking in the monte, it seems that the body becomes accustomed to it [adapted to the woods], and you can hunt then because the animals are not afraid of you.  The body acquires the smell of the monte, and the animal does not flee.”  Alonso Andi quoted by Blanca Muratorio in Rucuyaya Alonso y la Historia Social y Economica del Alto Napo, 1850-1950.  P. 81.  Quito: Abya-Yala Press, 1987. 

 "Eulodia Dagua, "Sweeping Away the Breath of Trees."

Quichua Text

Please cite the video as:

Tod D. Swanson, "Eulodia Dagua, 'Sweeping Away the Breath of Trees.'" Youtube video.  1:11. March 23, 2016.











Bernd Brabec de Mori and Elizabeth Rahman, "Breathing Song and Smoke: Ritual Intentionality and the Sustenance of an Interaffective Realm (2020, )."

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