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View from our Hotel Real Audiencia of the Iglesia Santo Domingo 

Information for arrival in Quito


In Quito students and faculty will be housed at:


Hotel Real Audiencia Address:  Bolivar Oe 3-18, Plaza Santo Domingo

Centro Histórico de Quito

Telf: (593-2)2950590/2952711

Fax: (593-2) 2 580 213 

Tod Swanson's Ecuadorian cell (011 593 98-546-9658 when calling from the US; when calling from Ecuador: 098-546-9658)

Pitt in Ecuador, BYU, and FLAS students should arrange to arrive in Quito on the evening of June 1st for Summer Session 1; or the evening of June 29th for Pitt in Ecuador Summer Session 2.   Around 11:30 PM or after the last student flight arrives that evening a chartered bus will take the group to the Hotel Real Audiencia.  If you arrive well after midnight or earlier in the day you must arrange and pay for your own transportation to the hotel.  

Breakfast will be served in the hotel dining room from 8-9AM.

After breakfast the group will tour the colonial city of Quito.

After lunch (12:00 Noon) at the Hotel Real Audiencia a chartered bus will pick up the group to take them to the Field School site in the Amazonian Napo Province. 


If for some reason your luggage is delayed  the airline will deliver your luggage to the Field School in the Tena area only if you sign a release.    Therefore you must go to the airline desk and sign a release before leaving the airport.  


Students sometimes miss the bus to the Field School because of delayed flights or other complications in their individual schedules.  If this happens students should contact the Field School Director Tod Swanson. Dr. Swanson's Ecuadorian cell phone is  011 593 98-546-9658 when calling from the  US; or 098-546-9658 when calling from Ecuador.  You can also email  Students are responsible for covering the cost of the alternative arrangements.   The cost of a taxi from Quito to Iyarina is approximately $120.   The cost of a public bus ride from Quito to Tena is about $7.  The cost of a taxi from Tena to the Field School at Iyarina Lodge is $10.


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