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Great video by summer 2016 Pitt in Ecuador alumna Rebecca Zhou capture the experience students had last summer. 

Excellent video from a student perspective captures the fun and bonding students experience at the Andes and Amazon Field School.

This video by Jeff Swanson give a great sense of the Iyarina Station where Pitt in Ecuador and the Andes and Amazon Field School are located.  Tod Swanson tells talks about why he loves the Ecuadorian Amazon and its people  and portrays the mission of the Field School.

Bill Gentile, "When the Forest Weeps.""


Video by prize winning journalist Bill Gentile filmed during the Andes and Amazon Field School 2015.

Short video of Pitt in Ecuador students hiking up the Canoa Yaku.

Pitt in Ecuador students learning to make Amazonian pottery.

Pitt in Ecuador students harvesting cacao and making chocolate.

Students trying wild foods.

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