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Bélgica Dagua,  "An Unwanted Man Becomes The Spirit Eye Tree"

This berry is edible. Its edible. This black one.  The man who died had black eyes like this berry.


That is why it  looks like our eyes.  This tree was once human.

When he was human he used flirt a lot with a woman when she was weeding her garden.

"I don't love you," she used to say.  She did not want him.  (She was human then but later became the unculu frog).  No matter how much he flirted with her she did not want him.  But when she told him that he used to say.  "No.  I love you."

So she said "Oh don't bother me.  I already told you enough times."

 So she sharpened a stick into a point like a knife... and poked him in the eye.  And his eyeball popped out "tas".

And when it popped out it it fell "putun" on the ground.   And when it fell that man turned into a tree.  He turned into a tree.  He said "ouch!"  And when she looked over she saw that he had turned into a lovely, lovely, little tree.

"You  yourself will eat me even though you did not love me while I was walking around."

"You did not like me.  Now you can eat me.

"I will stay growing right here on the edge of your garden," this tree said.

They say this is his eye tree.  This berry is edible.

So they say that that man turned into this tree?

Yes it was transformed from a human man.

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