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Etawane Caiga

Etawane Caiga.  On Conflicts and Relations Before Contact.  IMG_0625.MOV   YouTube 3:03  Wao Tededo and  Spanish subtitles.

 Etawane Caiga. "If Dayma took us we knew something would happen." IMG_0626.MOV

YouTube Video  4:07  On the polio epidemic and how they were vaccinated.  Wao Tededo and  Spanish subtitles.


Etawane Caiga  IMG_0606.MOV  Youtube video. 10:58.  No subtitiles.

Etawane Caiga  IMG_0604.MOV   YouTube video.  5:19  No subtitiles.



Etawane Caiga, On how she learned languages.  IMG_0622.MOV   Youtube 2:05

Subtitles in Wao Tedero and Spanish. 

Etawane Caiga, Song of the Taromenane.  IMG_0657.MOV   Youtube 1:00

Subtitles in Wao Tedero and Spanish. 

Etawane Caiga.  IMG_0603.MOV   Youtube 12:36

No Subtitles. 

Etawane Caiga.  IMG_0601.MOV   Youtube 4:06

No Subtitles. 

Etawane Caiga.  IMG_0596.MOV   Youtube 2:10

No Subtitles. 

Etawane Caiga.  IMG_0593.MOV   Youtube 2:17

No Subtitles.



Etawane Caiga.  IMG_0592.MOV   Youtube 2:29

No Subtitles. 

Etawane Caiga.  IMG_0591.MOV   Youtube 5:26

Spanish and Wao Tededo subtitles.

Story of Sun-Hides-in Branches' encounters with various women including Cali-Cali parrot women, dove women, and marriage to wasp woman and clay woman.  

Etawane Caiga.  IMG_0594.MOV   Youtube 3:34

Wao Tededo subtitles.

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