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Luisa Cadena, "Reflections on the Life of an Unknown Sloth."


Video contains a Pastaza Quichua woman's reflections on a sloth after fining a chewed bromeliad shoot beneath a tree.  She implicitly compares the feeding sloth to an old woman in her manioc garden.    Recorded, edited and translated by Tod Swanson in Napo Province, Ecuador.

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Tod D. Swanson,  “Luisa Cadena: ‘Reflections of the Life of an Unknown Sloth.’” Youtube video.  2:41.October 25, 2016.

"The Sloth is Still in Her Garden."

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Tod D. Swanson, “Luisa Cadena: ‘The Sloth is Still in Her Garden.’” Youtube video.  2:40. August 2, 2016.

Sloth makes a hawk bone flute: On the origin of flute and flute bamboo."  Tod Swanson interview with Eulodia Dagua.  Youtube video. 4:03 December 21, 2016.

Purun Indillama, 3 toed sloth.  Photograph by Tod Swanson

Because sloths seem to sleep so much their fur is burned and fanned onto babies to cause them to sleep more. Midwife Olga Chongo holding sloth hair medicine for treating insomnia in babies. Photo: Tod Swanson

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