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Interpreting Ceramic Design

Eulodia Dagua, “A Ceramic Representation of the Kuaentza River.”  Youtube video.  1:54. December 29, 2016.   English, Spanish, and Kichwa subtitles.

Eulodia Dagua, 'The Path to Chiroboga.'" Youtube video.  1:45. December 8, 2016.    Kichwa subtitles.

Eulodia Dagua,  “The Nalpi River Bowl.”  Youtube video.  1:01. December 7, 2016.  Kichwa subtitles.


Western abstract art abstracts from the particular ignorer to capture an idea or the "essence" of something.  It abstracts in order to escape particularity.  By contrast this bowl recalls a memory of a particular place on a particular river, the Nalpi River.  This evoking of specific memory is characteristic of Amazonian Quichua art.

Eulodia Dagua, “The Sound of the Banded Owl.”  Youtube video.  2:05. December 7, 2016.   Chambira Anga.  No subtitles.

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