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Directions: From Tena drive toward Puyo until you come to the bridge over the Napo River.  Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn left (east) and follow the road that winds along the south bank of the Napo for 11 kilometers to Iyarina.  You will see a sign for  Iyarina Lodge on the left about 3 km after you cross the bridge over the Rio Sindy.   Transportation from Quito or Baños to Tena using public transportation:  From Quito take the "Transportes Baños" or "Amazonas" bus line to Tena.  The Transportes Baños" has a bus that leaves Quito at 10:30 AM and arrives at about 4 PM in Tena.  There are also several buses a day that from Baños to Tena.  From Tena take a taxi or a bus that reads “Ahuano” or “Santa Rosa” as its destination to Iyarina.   You can also arrange for Iyarina staff to meet you at the Tena bus station.   


Note: Field School students who arrive in Quito on the designated dates are transported from Quito to the Field School by chartered bus.  The cost of the chartered bus is covered by the program fee.  Students sometimes miss this bus because of delayed flights or other complications in their individual schedules.  If this happens students should contact the Field School Director or Faculty who will help them make alternative arrangements.  Students are responsible for covering the cost of the alternative arrangements.   The cost of a taxi from Quito to Iyarina is approximately $120.   The cost of a public bus ride from Quito to Tena is about $7.  The cost of a taxi from Tena to Iyarina is $8.



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