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The Musician Wren (Pingullu Pishku)

Pedro Andi, "When the Musician Wren Plays the Agoutis Dance."


Pedro Andi describes a musical interaction between toe species, musician wrens and agoutis.  The wrens sing like flute music so that an agouti audience can dance.  There is no apparent survival motive for this.  Hunters wait until the agoutis are distracted by dancing to shoot them.  When the dancer dies the wren stops playing its dance music.  It stops, not because it is startled by the gun shot, but because the dancer for who it is playing is dead.  Without dancers there is no point in playing dance music.


Cite video as:

Tod Swanson,  "Pedro Andi 'When the Musician Wren Plays the Agoutis Dance.'" Youtube video. 1:42.  October 26, 2015.

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