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Achuar Language Materials

Narrative on historic Shuar war on Canelos and the Pindo.  From Amazoom TV

Shuar/Achuar 1-2 Syllabus

Readings and Resources:


Diccionario Achuar/Shiwiar-Castellano


Chicham Diccionario Shuar-castellano (Spanish) Paperback – 2005  


Fast, Gerhardt.  Fast, Gerhard; Fast, Ruby. 2008.  

Introducción al Idioma Achuar  Instituto Linguistico de Verano, 2008.


Fast, Gerhardt.  Fast, Gerhard; Fast, Ruby. 1981. Ministerio de Educación and Summer Institute of 


Diccionario Shuar Ilustrado.  UNICEF 2006


Rouby, Angel.  Shuar Chichám: Gramática Shuar1983  


Turner, Glen D. (Edited by Staphen H. Levinsohn).  Una Breve Gramática del Shuar.  Instituto Linguistico del Verano.  1992. 

Juncosa, Jose E. 1999    Etnografía de la comunicación verbal shuar

Simon Overall,  Parrots, peccaries, and people:  Imagery and metaphor in Aguaruna (Chicham) magic songs. International Journal of Language and CultureVolume 6, Issue 1, Feb 2019, p. 148 - 174

Quizlet Exercises

Vocabulary 1

Vocabulary 2

Possesive First person

Possesive: Achuar -ntin to Kichwa -yuk

Suffix -nam (in, inside) 

Place: going to, coming from

Questions and answers about family


Copula/ to be



Present tense in first person




Suffix -jai "with (like Quichua -wa)

Verbs Achuar-English

Verbs Achuar-Quichua




Phrases expressing quantity with "nukap"

Anatomy 1

Anatomy 2


Birds and Reptiles



Kinship terms





Audio Recordings:


Achuar language video

Shuar narrative on wayusa, natem, and tsantsas, Amazon TV produced by Jorge Lopez Amador

Nucui Creadora de las Plantas

Guia de ceramistas del Transkutuku 2018.pdf

Mensajes del Amazonas :Messages from the Amazonas Delicia Santiak


Mensajes del Amazonas :: Messages from the Amazonas - Rafael Ukuncham


Mensajes del Amazonas :: Messages from the Amazonas Julio Wisum


Mensajes del Amazonas :: Messages from the Amazonas Fidel

Mensajes del Amazonas :: Messages from the Amazonas Jacinto Ampam


How to speak Shuar, Como se habla el idioma Shuar


La Travesía de Chumpi (2009) Trailer - Documental


Sueños del Pueblo Achuar.mp4


Shuar Anent on Mouth Bow


1921 National Geographic article on Shuar


Los Invencibles Shuar del Alto Amazons' shot in 1927 by Salesian Padre Carlos Crespi

Amazonian Archaeology


Bill and Gladys Gibson GMU Missionaries to the Shuar


Rafael Karsten on Shuar Women’s Songs to Birds.

Rafael Karsten on the difficulty of translating Shuar women’s songs to birds.

Rafael Karsten, Shuar Song to the Cock-of-the-Rock


Woman Receives Anent

Brown on Aguaruna thinking and magic

Map of Jivaroan groups

Brown Anen

Brown 1 2 3 4

Brown Map

Frank and Marie Drown on the Shuar language

Tzantza from Swiss museum

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