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Department of Anthropology                        University of Pittsburgh



Art of Late Antiquity and Amazonian Art as "Primitive Art".

Comparison of Japanese Art to Amazonian Art  


Comparison of Haiku to Indigenous verbal art







Write a paragraph analyzing the meaning of a specific mukaja. 


Free Day. No classes.


Looking Like the Land (Sound, Taste, Sight, Smell)

The story of Wituk and Manduru/ Paint faces


Kichwa poetry


Design as personal history-objects as extensions of the body


Llaki and empathy in Kichwa art. 







Hike in the forest to study patterns



Biography of the artists


Biography of the artists


Final.  Course wind up. 



Travel to the airport

Story of Kingu, Iluku, and the Moon.  Discussion.  

Friday                June  7  Basso, Speaking with names.  Interview Belgica and Eulodia on the designs of a mukaja and         

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