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The Social Relation to Trees

Carmen Andi and Eulodia Dagua, “Speaking Nicely to a Medicine Tree: Kichwa Harvest of Cespedesia Spathulata.” Youtube video. 5:50. April 25, 2020.

Trees wake up at night.

Pedro Andi,  “Spirit Owners of the Kapok Tree."  Youtube video. 5:31. Posted [August 30, 2016]. Kichwa subtitles.

Pedro Andi, "Why Strangler Figs Don't Attack Kapok Trees.”  Youtube video.  1:16. April 11, 2020.  No subtitles.

Eulodia Dagua, 'Wild Cacao Tree Kills a Greedy Man (June 2012).'" Youtube video.  9:41. December 6, 2016.   No subtitles. Kushillu Kambiak

Eulodia Dagua tells the story of how the spirit of a wild cacao tree killed a man who wanted to steal its fruit.  To keep this from happening the old people used to chop down the tree before harvesting its fruit.  This killed the tree spirit that might avenge the taking of its fruit.

Eulodia Dagua, "Why I Wake Up the Tree to Harvest Its Medicine."' Kichwa and English subtitles.  Quizlet exercise on vocabulary in "Why I wake up a tree."

Eulodia Dagua and Delicia Dagua, "It is the trees that call the water.”  YouTube video 3:34.  April 25, 2015.

Bélgica Dagua, “The Strangler Fig Loved a Girl.”  YouTube video. 6:29 Posted [Au- gust 15, 2016]. English and Quichua subtitles. 

Eulodia Dagua,  “A wild cacao tree kills a man.”  Youtube video. 3:12. Posted [December 6, 2016].   English subtitles on old white background. (2010 version).

Eulodia Dagua, “Sweeping Away the Breath of Trees.”   Youtube video.  1:11. March 23, 2016.   Kichwa subtitles.

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