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Capirona decorticans     Fammily: Rubiaceae     Kichwa: Capirona; Lluchu Ruya

A tree native to the Northern Amazon that is immediately recognizable by its crumbling brown outer bark leaving visible a smooth inner bark.  The inner bark feels smooth and cool to the touch.  It's beautiful light green or yellowish color contrast starkly to the crumbling grey brown outer bark giving the impression of an emerging healthy new skin.

According to biological science it is the only species in its genus.   Amazonian Kichwa however classify it together with Calycophyllum spruceanum which is call Yaku Capirona (River bank Capirona) in contrast to decorticans which is called Urku Capirona (Hill or Old growth forest Capirona).     



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Tod Swanson,  "Luisa Cadena, 'Lluchu Ruya: When the Naked Tree Was a Man.'"  Youtube video. 3:20.  December 9, 2016.   

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Capirona decorticans        Quichua:  Isla Capirona

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