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Hevea brasilensis     Family: Euphorbiaceae     Kichwa:  Shiringa

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"Ukumbi: A Song to Make Manioc Grow." 

This Pastaza Quichua song is usually sung when the singer is alone in her manioc gardens.  The purpose is to attract the ukumbi or to make it friendly so that it will cause the manioc to grow.  The ukumbi or rainbow boa is associated with the manioc mother Nunguli (Quichua) or Nunghui (in Shuar).

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Tod D. Swanson,   "Ukumbi: A Song to Make Manioc Grow." 4Youtube video.  2:56. January  26, 2014.        


Lumu sisa mamalla         
Llandu llandu atarisha   
Ashangara aparisha        
Tushushami shayauni      


Purutulla mamaga           
Purutulla tarpusha               
Purutu pukujpimi         
Pallashami apani            


Inzhij sisa mamaga       
Inzhijwara tarpusha        
Inzhijwa pukujpimi        
Pallashami mikuni           



Lumu sisa mamalla                
Llandu, llandu atarisha           
Ashangara aparisha                
Baillashami shayaungui          

Indi llandu punzhapi            
Kallamballa shayaungui       
ñuka warmishitalla                
Ima kushi tarbangui!      

Manioc Flower Woman (Lumu Sisa Mama) 

Sung by Carmen Andi

Recorded and translated by Tod Swanson:




Manioc flower woman 

Rising while it is still dark         

Carrying my basket         

I stand dancing.


Bean Mother                    

Planting beans              

When the beans ripen 

I pick them and I take them  


Peanut flower mother 

Planting my little peanuts 

When the peanuts are ripe 

I harvest them and eat



Manioc flower woman  

Rising while it is still dark 

Carrying your basket       

You stand dancing 

On sunny days and cloudy days 

You stand straight like the callamballa (mushroom)                      

My beloved woman         

With what joy you work. 

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