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Caricaceae    Jacaratia digitata  Kichwa: Chamburu

Jacaratia digitata.jpeg
ñemebo (tree). ñemeko (fruit) (1).jpeg

The fruit of Jacaratia digitata is eaten by tyras and deer.  It has an acidic burning quality that prevents consumption by humans.

The tree serves as a living reminder of beginning times.   When the previous world was being destroyed by firey rain some people burrowed into the soft wet pulp of Jacaratia digitata.  In that moist environment they suvived but emerged transformed into a grub species that can survive in the the acidic pulp of the Jacaratia digitata.   These grubs are edible but bitter and less tasty than  the chonta kuru grubs that thrive in Bactris gasipaes.


To escape the same fire others of rolled themselves in wet blankets.  When the fire ended they emerged as armadillos the baked on. wet blankets transformed into banded armor. 


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