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Soroceae steinbachii.  Familia:  Moraceae; Kichwa: Ichilla Chincha   Wao Tededo: Batawe (a name also used for species in Perebea and Brosium genus of Moraceae).

Photo: Tod D. Swanson

sorocea steinbachii.jpeg

Collected by William Balée, Tod Swanson, Gabriela Zurita, and Juan Ruiz.    Gomataon, Río Nushino, Pastaza Province, Ecuador,  9/2019.  Specimen # 417 and 359. "Historical Ecology of Waorani Ridgetops" project funded by National Geographic.  Photo Tod D. Swanson. 

Moraceae Sorocea steinbachii 5.jpg
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