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FLAS Indigenous Language Courses  June 13-July 25, 2019

Sponsored by Florida International University

University of Wisconsin at Madison

University of Pittsburgh

Summer FLAS Fellowships  

The US Department of Education awards FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) Fellowships for the study of indigenous languages.   The Andes and Amazon Field School offers courses in Kichwa, Achuar and Wao Tededo which meet USDE standards for FLAS Fellowships 

•140 hours of instruction

•Over a period of 6 weeks

•Pre and post course testing assess progress toward the performance goals set forth in USDE IRIS testing instruments.

•Cost: $7500 (broken down as $5000 academic payment from the FLAS grant + $2500 board and room paid out of the stipend portion of the Fellowship).

•To be eligible for applicants must be citizens or residents of the United States and enrolled in a graduate program (MA or PhD) of their choice.  Students from FLAS Granting Universities should apply for FLAS Fellowships through their home universities.  See FLAS granting institutions and application deadlines.


Students who are enrolled in non-FLAS granting institutions may apply through Florida International University  or the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


•184 FLAS Fellows from 40 universities have attended to date.

A limited number of scholarships are available from the Andes and Amazon Field School for students who do not qualify for FLAS because they are not residents or citizens of the United States.  

Contact: Tod Swanson at; Phone 480 361-9289 to indicate interest in applying for FLAS.

Native Experts on Amazonian Culture and Environment. 


Key to our learning experience are the group of high quality native experts on the forest, story tellers and artists in residence at the field school throughout the summer.

Graduate Student Networking
 Perhaps the best resource we have are our graduate students.  This is a chance to form lasting relationships with emerging leaders in the field of Amazonian Studies.
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